Get a free comparative market analysis of your home!

It’s the most basic question in real estate: How much is a home worth?

Whether you’re buying a house, selling one, refinancing a mortgage, or making home improvements, home-value considerations are paramount.


That’s where I can help. Fill out the form below with details about your home (such as address, number of beds/baths, whether the basement is finished, and special/designer touches) and I will create a market analysis of your home showing the value after comparing to other homes in the area that have sold recently.


Valuation service is abosultely free! If you meet a real estate broker who wants to charge you to tell you the value of your home, walk away.

Of course, a broker’s opinion on value is different than an appraisal, which will be required to obtain a loan or refinance your home. Appraisals do cost money. But a broker’s opinion on value can be a great place to start to give you a good idea of how much your home is worth, whether to sell or refinance.