Inspections for buyers

In general, buyers are entitled to conduct a series of inspections on the property that they are about to purchase. After your offer has been accepted, you will received the Seller’s Property Disclosure, which contains all material information about the home that the sellers know. This document can be important to highlight any specific areas which could require special attention in the inspection.

Some of the items typically investigated during an inspection are: appliances, plumbing, A/C, heating, electrical, structure, foundation, roof and attic. If any of the following are areas of concern, you can ask your inspector to address concerns regarding indoor air quality, expansive soil conditions, previous fire or flood, pests and mold. If you are obtaining a loan, your lender may require specific inspections, such as an inspection to certify that the home is free of wood-destroying organisms.

Additional inspections that you may want to consider are: a survey to determine where property lines are located, or a roofing inspection.

In addition to formal inspections, buyers should consider other methods of obtaining information about the property. For example, talk to the neighbors and drive around the neighborhood during different times of day. In touring the neighborhood, consider things such as proximity to freeways, airports and schools.

I know several reliable inspectors I can refer you to, if you need some help on where to start!