What not to do during the loan process

After you and your Loan Officer determine which program best suits your needs, you will be provided with a loan pre-approval. This is an important step in the home-buying process, because sellers usually require buyers to submit a pre-approval letter along with an offer. This letter demonstrates your ability to complete the purchase of a home.


Remember, this pre-approval is based on your ability to purchase at the time it is written. Be careful not to jeopardize your ability to purchase. The following is a list of what not to do while obtaining a loan:

Do Not:

  • Change Bank Accounts
  • Change Jobs
  • Apply for Credit (credit cards, vehicles, furniture, etc.)
  • Co-sign a Loan
  • Spend Money Designated for Closing
  • Let Accounts Fall Behind


During this time, it is advisable to be as conservative as possible with your spending. It can be difficult to resist the urge to shop for furniture or other items to decorate your new home, so go ahead a look. Just make sure that major purchases are made after the closing of your home.