Preparing for your move

Preparing for your move to your new home can seem intimidating. There is always something that is forgotten, but generally with some planning, the move will go smoothly.


As you begin to pack, remember to start gathering boxes and packing materials such as markers, packing tape and twine. Label the contents of each box you pack and number them. Keep a list handy of what is in each box in case you need to find something. It is a good idea to keep toiletries, cleaning supplies, snacks and water handy throughout your packing day.


You’ll want to contact the utility companies to disconnect your current service and to establish service at the new property. Don’t forget to request that any deposits you may have provided either be refunded or transferred. Electric,  water, gas phone and cable are the most frequently contacted, however, there may be additional services that you need to connect at the property.


If you have children or pets, you may want to arrange for someone you trust to watch them on the day of the move. Sometimes moving day can be stressful for them. Make sure to include your children prior to the actual move, and talk to them about where they’ll want to place all their things in their new room.


Place all of your legal, financial and insurance records in a safe place. You may want to consider taking them with you personally rather than with the movers. It is also a good idea to back up important files from your computer onto a CD or back-up drive.


Verify the date of your move with the moving company you have selected or with your friends and family if they are helping you move. You can create a list of where each box or piece of furniture should be placed so whoever is helping with the move can follow your instructions.


Congratulations on your new home!